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Cool Coot Sticker

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This sticker is perfect as a funny gift for your buddies, but come on, we all know if the ducks don’t fly the coot have to die. Made from quality materials and sporting a laminated coating, this thing will last longer than that one last bird for a limit. Grab a few of these and have a pouldeau party!


Measures 5" x 4.6". Laminated coating makes this sticker scratch, fade, and dishwasher proof. Slap it anywhere indoors or outside and get a conversation started. Coots have always been cool!

Customer Reviews

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Yeah, it's awesome

You'll get a kick outta it, your buddies will love it, and women flock to it like Sitka boys and hen mallard limits. Box one up gentlemen

Haha, thanks so much for the positive review! Glad the coot is doing his thing!

scott hood

Great Product!

Thank you so much for the 5-star review!

Hunter Cummings
you’ll get laughs

I got this because it was funny as hell and I knew my buddy’s and other people would get a kick out of it. Sure enough everyone has luang her when they saw this

Glad it’s getting some laughs and you’re happy with it! Thanks for the review!

Ethan Augustynowicz
Cool Coot sticker

Awesome design and feels and looks like a quality sticker that will last a long time. Very happy with the purchase.

Thanks for the awesome review!

Need more like these

This is the sticker you slap on your podnuhs truck when he isnt looking and see how long before he notices. Definitely gets a few laughs!

Love it! Thanks for the 5 stars.