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Our Story

Against the Grain, Bound by Passion

In a world that often values conventional paths, Fowl Follower was born from a desire to break the mold. Friends Taylor Dutschmann and Daniel Ruff shared not just moments of camaraderie but a profound love for waterfowl and hunting. While the adage cautions against mixing friendship with business, we chose to challenge that notion. We believed that our bond and shared passions could create something special—and so, Fowl Follower took flight.

From the Field to Your Wardrobe

Every adventure, every dawn spent waiting for the perfect shot, every whisper of the reeds, is encapsulated in our products. Our quality stickers, comfortable yet stylish clothing, and durable accessories aren't just merchandise—they're pieces of our experiences, our memories, and our love for the great outdoors.

More Than Just Merchandise

At Fowl Follower, we aim to bridge the gap between seller and consumer. We don't just offer products; we provide a community. A space where fellow enthusiasts can come together, share their tales, and celebrate a lifestyle that resonates deep within us all.

Built on Values

Our commitment goes beyond just selling. With each product that bears the Fowl Follower name, we uphold our foundational values of hard work, integrity, and honesty. We believe in the quality of what we offer and the promise of exceptional customer service. This is a testament to our dedication, with each thank-you card written and every quality check performed in-house by our passionate team.

Veteran-Owned, Heart Driven

Proudly 100% veteran-owned and operated, Fowl Follower is a brand steeped in commitment, resilience, and dedication. Just as we served with pride, we bring that same ethos to our business, ensuring every Fowl Follower product resonates with quality and authenticity.

Become a Part of Our Journey

We invite you to join the Fowl Follower family. Wear our brand with pride, knowing it's backed by genuine passion, unmatched quality, and a unique story that defies convention. Here's to the adventures that await and the stories yet to be written.

-Daniel Ruff & Taylor Dutschmann-