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Why Buy From Us

Why Buy From Fowl Follower?

1. Authentic Passion

At Fowl Follower, our journey began not just as a business venture but from a genuine passion. Founded by best friends Taylor Dutschmann and Daniel Ruff, our brand is the embodiment of our shared love for waterfowl and hunting. Every product we offer is a testament to our personal experiences and adventures.

2. Unparalleled Quality

Our commitment is to quality, first and foremost. From our quality stickers to our durable shirts, we ensure every item stands up to the demands of both the field and everyday life. Designed and printed in the U.S.A, we take pride in delivering products that are built to last.

3. Customer-Centric Approach

We don't just see you as a customer; we see you as a part of the Fowl Follower family. Our in-house quality checks and personalized thank-you cards with each order reflect our dedication to ensuring a unique shopping experience. We aim to break down the barriers between seller and consumer, fostering a genuine community.

4. Fast and Careful Shipping

We understand the anticipation of waiting for your purchase. That's why we prioritize prompt shipping without compromising the care and safety of your items. Especially with products like our hats, you can rest assured they will arrive in impeccable condition.

5. U.S. Based and Veteran-Owned

Purchasing from Fowl Follower also means supporting a proud veteran-owned business rooted in the U.S.A. This not only ensures quality but also helps in uplifting the values of hard work, integrity, and honesty we so deeply cherish.

6. Honesty and Integrity

We believe in doing business the right way. Our core values of hard work, integrity, and honesty are not just words to us – they are principles we live by. When you shop with Fowl Follower, you're supporting a brand that holds itself to the highest standards.

7. Easy Returns and Exchanges

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we offer hassle-free exchanges and returns. Our goal is to ensure you're delighted with every aspect of your Fowl Follower experience.

8. Join a Community, Not Just a Brand

When you buy from Fowl Follower, you're not just getting quality hunting apparel and accessories; you're joining a community. We're dedicated to creating a space where enthusiasts can share their love for bird hunting, exchange stories, and celebrate the outdoor lifestyle.

Become a Fowl Follower Today! Join us in our journey, be a part of our story, and experience the difference of shopping with a brand that truly understands and shares your passion.